Sandpoint church of Christ

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About Us

The Sandpoint church of Christ is a family of fellow-believers in Jesus Christ bonded together in a common commitment to seek and do his will and to nurture one another in our walk with Christ. Our goal is to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ while loving and honoring one another and being a light to our community.

We believe that the Bible is the inerrant, inspired and complete word of God. As such, it is our sole source of authority for all matters of faith and worship, both in the collective activities of the church and in our daily lives (2 Tim 3:16-17). As such, it is our only "creed".

We believe that the New Testament is the covenant under which we live, "the faith once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 3). Therefore you might describe us simply as New Testament Christians. However, in order to fully understand Christ and the New Testament, one must study the Old Testament as well, for upon it the New Covenant is based. Therefore, we are students of the entire Bible, seeking to know it from cover to cover and to write it on our hearts.

As a church, we seek to follow the New Testament pattern for leadership and organization, which consisted of a plurality of elders shepherding the flock among them (Acts 14:23; 20:28; 1 Pet 5:1-3) and guided by the principles of male spiritual leadership (1 Cor 11:1-3; 1 Tim 2:8-12). Preachers and teachers proclaim the word of God in sermons, Bible classes and home Bible studies (Eph 4:11-16; 2 Tim 4:2). We encourage all members to be active in various forms of service, using their individual gifts for the building up of the body and for reaching out with the gospel (1 Cor 12:13-27; Eph 4:11-16).

We do not claim to be perfect, but rather a work in progress, pressing on toward the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus (Phil 3:12-14). We invite you to come and grow with us.

What you can expect when you visit our services.

If you visit our services, we will consider you to be our honored guest. We are confident that you will find us warm and friendly, for we are always excited to have visitors. We will place no expectations on you. Feel free to sit anywhere you like (there are no assigned seats) and to either participate in class discussions or quietly observe.

Our Sunday morning Bible classes (9:30-10:15 a.m.) generally consist of chapter-by-chapter studies of the various books of the Bible, with open discussion. Feel free to ask any question or make comments during the Bible classes. During this time, children's classes are held in the basement classrooms where they will learn from the Bible from teachers who are gifted to teach children. Your children will be warmly welcomed and quickly feel at home.

Our worship period (10:30 a.m. to noon) begins with song, a welcome to our visitors, a few opening announcements and a prayer. We love to sing praises to our Lord and so the first half of our worship period will consist of several songs along with a brief scripture reading.

In keeping with the ancient New Testament practice based on the simple command to "sing and make melody in your heart" (Eph 5:19; Col 3:16), we do not use musical instruments in our worship assemblies, but rather sing a capella (Latin for "in church style"). In this way we place emphasis on the words and thoughts of each song, while using a mix of favorite old hymns and contemporary praise songs to stir our hearts. We believe you will enjoy the singing.

In accordance with the Lord's command and the New Testament pattern, we share the Lord's supper each first day of the week (Mt 26:26-29; Acts 2:42; 20:7; 1 Cor 11:17-33; 16:1-2). This is a symbolic "fellowship meal", the unleavened bread and fruit of the vine representing the body and blood of Jesus. It is a time to share and express our common faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, celebrating the forgiveness of our sins through him.

For the collection we have a basket at the back of the building in which those who wish to contribute can do so. The collection is for the purpose of carrying out the work of the gospel (Acts 2:44-45; 4:32-37; 1 Cor 16:1-3). Please note that we do not solicit from our visitors.

A Bible sermon will be preached, exalting the word of God and making it relevant to your life. We encourage you to follow along in your Bible or use one of the Bibles provided. We welcome any and all questions. We are a church that takes the Bible seriously. If you should find anything we say or do that does not coincide with your understanding of scripture, we would consider you our friend in bringing it to our attention.

We encourage entire families to attend our worship period together. Do not worry about small children being a distraction to anyone. We love children and consider them a blessing from the Lord. We hope you will visit with us.